Senior Account Executive

上海 | 1-3年  | 本科  | 全职 
2023-11-17 12:26 发布于4A招聘
1. Quality control of all work that is submitted to clients. 2. Monitor all stages of campaigns to guarantee that they run smoothly. 3. Responsible for status reports throughout the duration of the project to keep clients and peers updated. 4. Ensure that the project stays within the allocated budget. 5. Offer creative ideas to the account manager to develop exciting campaigns and encourage clients to understand the importance of creativity throughout projects. 6. Keep one stimulated in order to achieve maximum productivity.
1. Bachelor degree or above. 2. 1-2 years of 4A or relevant experiences. 3. Motivated, goal oriented, persistent and a skilled negotiator. 4. Excellent communication and presentation skills. 5. Able to priorities, communicate and motivate a team accordingly. 6. Handle stressful situations and deadline pressures well.


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